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Business Clinic

Occupational Health


Design, supply and management of a medical office in your offices.

We offer the complete organization and management of the Business Clinic from medical history files, control and monitoring days to the attention of consultations and medical emergencies on the company's premises.



  • Equipment and adaptation of the space destined for the clinic. (No start-up costs).

  • Supply of supplies, medicines, disposable material, necessary for the treatment of patients.

  • Attention to situations that arise within the company that require medical attention.

  • Personalized attention in medical consultation service.

  • Monitor the operation of the clinic.

  • Monitor the health and safety of all company employees.

  • Orientation in prevention of occupational diseases.

  • Entrance exams for staff and routine.

  • Guarantee 100% the presence of staff during the established hours.


Among other benefits detailed in the proposal.

Complying with the provisions of the General Regulation for the Prevention of Professional Risks and Safety and Hygiene at Work under Resolution No. 45588-2011-JD of the Caja de Seguro Social.

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